Monday, March 28, 2016

In The Land Of Smiles

The Insufficiently Cheerful Shall Be Punished

Over at the Soul of America is a link to the Tomclarkblog, which had many photos (as it tends to) showing aspects of this world, and (if you've been good) a poem.

Because I'm a Dog with the digital equivalent of crayons, I get to play with these pictures because Photoshop Ist Meine Besser Freund, and because I can.  Don't like? Tell it to the Grand Theft Auto Deer.

And there are also a few other things I've found and brought back from the Intertubes for you.  Enjoy.

Herr Trumpo's appearance at a Based Ball game causes certain reactions from those in the immediate vicinity.  (Original photo:  Rick Scuteri / USA Today / Reuters)

Once upon a Tyme, when the world allowed their love.

"That's  'Yes, Mistress', slave !!" (Mr Fish)

Die Polizei are people, too, also, and workers . And a trip to the bathroom after being strapped into Tac gear isn't a picnic. And those Balaclava masks itch. (Original photo:  Christian Hartmann / Reuters)

Letting Pandas hang out with stuffed, fake bears presents certain existential issues.
(Original photo:  Joshua Paul / AP)

 Grand Theft Auto Deer vs. Gangbangers. 
The 'Bangers don't stand a chance:  Deer gonna Fuck You Up (NYT Online)

You will need to read Japanese, and upside down, to wrest the full Yucks from this picture.

(Photo: Gemunu Amarasinghe / AP)

I meant to end with this image, which Mr Clark used to end his own post. He had opened it with photos of the partially sand-buried bodies of migrants from the Middle East, washed ashore on a beach near Tripoli, Libya -- this is a photo of a person in a small boat, rowing on Inva Lake near Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) in late February.

It's a reminder: even with all the most terrible things imaginable happening in the world, the Earth abides. We may be on our way out as a species; it may not abide for us. But scenes like this are part of the world we inhabit, now, and will continue, misty and calm, whether we're there to witness them or not.

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  1. speaking of smiles

    and also

    "The Road to Utopia" by Utopia

    I blink my eyes and then it happens again
    I lose my way but I discover a friend
    It's a typical day on the road to utopia

    I walk along until my feet are sore
    I rest a minute then I walk some more
    There's no time to delay on the road to utopia

    And my destination is the unknown
    But I'm never far away from my home

    It shines like laser light
    It's in my dreams at night
    'cause I've been all my life
    On the road to utopia

    I will be there to share your tragedy
    I know that you would do the same for me
    It's no trouble at all on the road to utopia

    When day is over and I'm trying to sleep
    It comes so easy 'cause I'm not counting sheep
    I am counting the smiles on the road to utopia

    And I may lose my way again and again
    But I'll cross that borderline in the end

    Trouble trouble trouble whirling all about
    But if we stick together we can stick it out
    Will we ever find the loves we lost again
    Does this crazy journey ever have an end

    And will I find what I'm after
    Do I know what I'm after
    Guess I'll join in the laughter
    On the road to utopia



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