Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stupor Tuesday Too

Chairman Of The Board Loves You

Trust me: It all gets better when you realize the 'Higher Power' is a 350-foot Bipedal Lizard. Plus, there's All-Night Dancing, radioactivity, and Mysterians!  Basically a Gorjirra / Dance Club / Fukashima / Chernobyl / Roswell Space Alien fusion kind of thing.  Saul Goodman, as they say.

MEHR, MIT UNGEHEUERISCH EIDECHSE:   Trumpo !  Hillary The Inevitable !  And, for your listening pleasure, Adalbert Lutter und Ihren Band will play Tea Partei Kommt in Amerika !

... But Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton’s resounding triumphs on Tuesday masked a profound, historic and unusual reality: Most Americans still don’t like him. Or her.

Both major parties must now confront the depth of skepticism, resistance and distaste for their front-runners... Even as they watched the two candidates amass large margins on Tuesday, historians and strategists struggled to recall a time when more than half the country has held such stubbornly low opinions of the leading figures in the Democratic and Republican Parties.

“There is no analogous election in the modern era where the two top candidates for the nomination are as divisive and weak,” said Steve Schmidt, a top campaign adviser to George W. Bush in 2004 and John McCain in 2008. “There is no precedent for it.”

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