Thursday, April 7, 2016

Du Kannst Mit Mir Sagt, "Bow Wow"


A new feature available on Before Nine: we can now be translated into a wide variety of languages, all courtesy of the Gogglemachine (or, Das Googlegerät). This satisfies our annual technology requirement in service to the Superintelligent Parakeet who reads this blog.

So, now, if you have nothing better to do you can read these moderately amusing Things in French, Hindustani, Arabic, or good-old meat-and-potatoes English. Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys of all nations -- welcome!

Oh, and Trumpo !  Grand Turtlebear Teddy (Church Of I Kill You!) , and Hillary The Inevitable !


  1. speaking of barking and bowwowwow

    i always very very much liked beatles 'hey bulldog' - especially killer bass riff

    you could probably find a version to listen to somewhere or other

  2. ps i see that my "mister natural" icon appears here

    recently i was reading in the collected works of r crumb and spouse aline kaminsky -

    i was sort of sorry i did

    oh well - this is the future - you got to live it, live with it, or get out of the way

    and use your power of selective attention to be maximally healthy, wealthy, and wise - and 2 out of 3 ain't bad


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