Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Three Minute Poem From The Workplace

( Art by JR© 2016; the Docks, Le Harve, France. Installation by Labor [Shown] )

This, courtesy of The Soul Of America, and LeftVoice

Though it will not be today
some day
the free things I loved, with ardor
will be respected
will come back
will make warmth and light for people I do not know
and I will sleep as I did as a child

Some day
it could be tomorrow, the day after
every artificial structure
that we once had to navigate
that we had to pay for their use
will be shown incongruent
useless, toxic, inadmissible
and will be left on the street
as a sign -- FREE TAKE AWAY

Some day
though it will not be today
the things I paid for, with real currency
will be honored
will be understood
will not return in the nights
and I will understand the important parts
in the way I had hoped

Though it will not be today
it will be some day
it could be tomorrow, or the day after
or not
but Some Day
we will be known and understood
one to the other
one hand open, one hand high
some day


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