Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hello Yes

Is This Dog?


“Yes, This is Dog” (also known as “Hello, This is Dog”) is an image featuring a black Labrador anthropomorphized with the caption as if it is answering the telephone. The photograph originated as a still from a 1984 Serbian film, 'Pejzaži u magli' ("Landscape in the Mist"), which involved teenagers, sullen attitudes, beer, Communist authorities, and a Dog (If it didn't have a Dog in it, we wouldn't watch it). The phrase and image have been remixed into a variety of different photographs, often including other animals in similar situations.


MEHR, MIT HUNDE:   Even Dogs fail, but we try really, really hard. We hold nothing back. We track some things indoors, but principally we leave it all out on the field. We are Total Dogs™, operating at FCC regulation level (Full Canine Capacity). 

When we do fail (and by whose yardstick, I'd ask), it's mostly spatial-coordinate stuff, timing, and functional navigation of the world you people created:  Don't take us to the Sahara, the Oso Flaco Dunes, or Mars. What we lack in the sort of precision that would put us on-field in the Olympics, we make up for in heart. It's that simple.

And it beats that stuff you humans are up to.

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  1. a) i'm reminded of a few of my favorite animal jokes

    the talking cow that doesn't know anything about cars
    the poker-playing dog who wags his tail
    the new lamb that isn't expensive, really
    the very special pig with the peg leg

    b) funny goat videos should get more publicity

    c) i have just discovered that, in my state, if two cars leaving parking spaces back into each other, state law stipulates that neither has a right of recovery against the other if the other is not 100 percent at fault - the insurance adjuster told me that in other states partial responsibility can lead to claims for partial recovery - but our legislature has simplified things and deprived lawyers of potential cases by setting the law in this way - even though in this particular case i am the mostly-innocent party (my car is damaged on the side, the other car is damaged on the rear - hence it is reasonable to conclude that THEY backed into ME) i recognize the wisdom of this as a general rule

    d)life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is not its goal - dust thou art, to dust returneth ne'er was spoken of the soul