Thursday, October 27, 2016

Everybody All Around The World

Gotta Tell You What I Just Heard

Hillo Points At You. Trump Karaoke -- "New Ork, New Ork"

In my normal commute, padding home with a detour for Dog Training, I walked past a libation house with a big scree teevee tuned to CNN, the McNews of the airwaves. A blonde woman was interviewing a man; the big-font headline on screen bellowed, "TRUMP REDUCES CLINTON'S LEAD BY THREE POINTS".

I snorted. This election has been over for weeks, if not months. But it's important for this contest to fit neatly into Our National Mythos, to sell the idea that She is the underdog here, who had to fight fight fight. It's critical that this contest be seen as a cliffhanger -- so close, this race; you must be worried, be very worried -- will Little Hillary, our First Girl Prestidental, ever walk again? Will She and Bill-o know True Happy once more? Whom will we be at war with next?

Gosh; did I wonder. Where had this headline I saw on the street come from? And, would the fiction of The Close Race be shared, in echo-chamber fashion, by Our Glorious and Independent media? Here's a gander at today's early 'top news stories', the headlines, and the next-largest headline-font stories:
  • Time-Warner's CNN:  "Tightening Race"  (Most wildlife gone by 2020?)
  • Sumner Redstone's / National Amusements Corp.'s CBS: "Poll Finds Clinton's Lead Over Trump Is Dwindling"  (Kim Kardashian tick-tick-ticks off '60 Minutes' viewers)
  • Walt Disney Co.'s ABC:  "Trump and Family Preview Path To Victory"  (First Lady Campaigns With Clinton For First Time)
  • The Roberts Family Trust / Comcast's NBC:  "How Would A Contested Election Work? Five Things To Know"  (Hacked Memo Reinforces Worst Perception Of The Clintons)
  • JeffBezos' WashPo: " 'War On Women' flares anew -- only this time it's inside the GOP"  (The next chapter of globalization is unfolding at this Chinese billionaire's factory in Ohio)
  • Verizon-AOL's Huffington Post:  "Reid Warns: Constitutional Crisis"  (Conservatives Push To Block All Hillary Court Nominees... 'Let The Supreme Court Die Out, Literally'... Senate Down To The Wire)
  • Paper Of Record: "Some Trump Voters Warn Of Revolution If Clintons Wins" (Seats Of Power: In official Washington, office space projects authority. Tag along as we go behind closed doors into inner sanctums...)
  • Little Rupert, Jimmy The Fish and Lack Lan's Newsy-TruthiCorp / Fox News:  "Fox News Poll: Clinton Leads Trump By Three Points" (Major Backlash After Amy Schumer Did That Thing She Did -- Something All Humans Will Recoil From)
Oh -- so that's where the story originated. No surprise there. And what was it Amy did?

But, I have to agree -- Trump has managed to increase his popularity by three points, nationally...   Go have a look.  Wake me up when it's over.

MEHR, Mit Geröll:  In answer to a question; yes, a "big scree tevee" may be an LCD monitor up to 42 inches, together with a large, sharply-angled slope of alpine gravel. They're very expensive, and generally only available in Switzerland, southwestern Austria, and the Himalayas.  The bar I went past with all that in the window must be doing really well.

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