Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ah, The Good Old Days

I was talking with Godzilla recently, and The Big Guy related a story about his great-grandfather I found interesting.

A lot of people believe that Godzilla is a mutant creation of 1950's nuclear testing, but in fact, Godzilla has always been with us. It's a role that's passed down from Father to Son in the Big Lizard family from Time immemorial; the current Godzilla inherited the job from his father, who succeeded his father before him, and so on.

To make a shorter story: Godzilla's great-grandfather was approached by the Cherokee Plains Indians in 1827, and asked if he wouldn't help them keep the emerging Frontier free of encroaching American settlers. A treaty was struck between them, but eventually the then-Godzilla declared it null and void when the Cherokee started outsourcing part of his duties to the Lakota and Crow People.

The Big Guy said he'd been reminded of this bit of family history when the following cartoon by Bizarro, also known as Dan Piraro, appeared recently:

[Copyright Dan Piraro, 5/17/09; Dist. By King Features Syndicate.]

Godzilla has enjoyed Piraro's work for some time, and suggests -- if you haven't already -- making a visit to Dan's site, which is also a Blogger creation.

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