Friday, June 12, 2009

Brannigan Can Begin, Again

Break out the Slurm: Informed rumor-monger Leo (aka Moldavish Guy), at my place of Witless Labor, says that a new contract between The Curiosity Shop and Fox Teevee has just been signed to produce a new, twelve-episode season of Futurama.

Episode 19, Season Three -- "All's Well That Roswell": Rocketed back into the past due to Fry's, uh, "mishandling" of the onboard microwave, the good ship Planet Express™ lands outside Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Dr. John Zoidberg (A Professional Corporation) ends up the prisoner of the military and is interrogated by President Harry Truman:

TRUMAN: Enough of this Booshwah! What's your mission?
Are you here to create an Alien-Human hybrid?
ZOIDBERG: Are you coming on to me?
TRUMAN: Hot crackers! I take offense to that!
ZOIDBERG: I didn't hear 'no'...

I can't speak for Zoidberg's willingness to get a date ("Not that there's anything wrong with that"). And, he's always been a favorite of mine on the series -- he walks funny, is a failure, professionally, and is willing to share things in dumpsters with Raccoons. And, I'll admit to having impure thoughts about Cathy Frankel (actress Teri Treas), the physician-girlfriend of detective Matt Sykes, from the Alien Nation series...

Woof woof woof woof woof Oh Baby.
Or, you know, the Tenctonese equivalent.

UPDATE:'s movie page noted:

"Matt Groening's futuristic fantasy about a slacker pizza-delivery dude trapped on Earth in the distant future -- during next Millennium's Eve celebrations in Times Square, in fact -- was theoretically taken off life support six years ago, when the Fox network decided that it had enough animated comedies in its channel lineup.

"This was a long time ago, in a TV era seemingly far, far away, remember. At the time, it seemed inconceivable that Family Guy would ever become a pop-cultural hit -- let alone spawn no fewer than two spinoff/sequels. (Yes, it's true. This fall, animation fans will see not one but three Seth MacFarlane animated comedies -- on the same night, no less, and the same channel. Brace yourself for Family Guy, American Dad and the brand "spanking" new The Cleveland Show.)

" 'Oi!', Futurama's Doctor Zoidberg might be heard to cry. 'What about me?'

"Wednesday's announcement that Comedy Central is bringing Futurama back for another 26 episodes, to begin airing in 2010, was both fortuitous and entirely expected.

"Futurama never really went away, the show's brain trust backed four straight-to-DVD movies, with the express intention of keeping the tale alive."

Folks, this is information from the Canadians -- you know, the people we here in the US of A never think about? If you can't trust the Canadians, who can you trust? The Swiss? Oh Please.

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