Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Very Deep Thought

Little Bernie, Wanting More (Date and Photographer Unknown)

I don't like the "Deep Thought" posts of the Curmudgeon; however, here's a Not Very Deep one:

It struck me that the operating premises our media reinforces about life in America -- the possibility that anyone can obtain large amounts of personal wealth; the almost immediate availability of goods and services; that our standard of living will simply continue to rise, forever;

That we are a Democracy™ and a Nation Of Laws™; that as Americans, we are the highest expression of homo sapiens and have progressed beyond our base desires; that the Robber Barons of a hundred or a hundred and fifty years ago couldn't exist today;

Or, that The Law™ protects us from the kind of predatory greed and viciousness that marks persons like Little Bernie Madoff, or businesses like Little Goldman-Sachs; that under a Nation Of Laws™ the guilty are punished and those harmed are compensated; that Justice is not simply for the rich --

Well, all of that just isn't true.

But, I'm only a dog. What do I know.

UPDATE: Another friend at my Place Of Witless Labor, Don (aka Don In The Barrel, not to be confused with 'Don In The Cart'), asks, "Is there a reason you have the 'Trademark logo next to 'Democracy', or 'Nation Of laws'...?"

Oh My Yes, I said.

America -- Taste The Sarcasm. It's Another Of The Many Free Services I Offer.

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