Friday, November 6, 2009

Я имею в виду Глубокая мысль, но хотите мою курицу главы

Have The Sexual Relations With The Politik, Okay?
By I. Rabschinski

Politik = Dog + Additional Dog + Pony

Okay, so I am think like the deep though (as Big Curmudgeon Blogging Guy says) now, and it is like this place I am coming to -- and I can say very simply what in this pace there is. So I say, Ебать политика, meaning make the nasty with the politik, okay.

I am sick with the politik -- mostly, from the Right politik, but also everybody the politik. The news people all liking the circus; understand? These people are not going to be telling you truth -- only what is the shiny object, okay? They only show people what are shouting loud and don't show the people who think and then speak quiet. Only the circus is the good, for these idiot.

And the teevee and the newspapers and blog owned by that old Глупый лягушка who only wants power and to have the Right politik kissing his ass... Hoo Boy; all he gives people is cartoon and Big Lies and some fat guy who cries. And he calling his thing "News"!

So I am telling the Dog what is making this Blog (Is nize Dog, Good Dog, who is talking also) to forget the politik and go sniff some Nize girl dog's behind, or take walk on beach, or eat nize biscut and stop all the angry, sad thing from the politik. Okay?

I, Rabschinski, say this -- to Moldavish Guy; you also.

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