Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Akma -- Ama -- Aunt Jemimadad -- That Guy

...just so Linde gets a chance to look at it. It's the juxtaposition of this anti-sensualist, anally-retentive religious totalitarian with a happy, exuberant little Anime product of dreams and the human imagination -- where real freedom comes from -- that I like about it.

I'm distantly fond of Pikachu (over-marketed little guy that he is), but think Ahmadenijad is an ever-smiling weasel, clinging to power over the dead and broken bodies of his fellow countrymen. If he were to exit this Vale O' Tears™ unexpectedly, I'm not sure how bad I'd feel.

And yes, I understand: I'm only a dog, but I think in this case, others should trust my nose and my judgment, here.

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