Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11

Some Of The 72,000 Names Of British And Commonwealth Soldiers,
Carved In The Thiepval Memorial On The Somme, Killed In 1916 
And 1917 And With No Known Grave -- Every One Of Them A Son,
Brother; Lover, Husband; Friend (Photo: LIFE Magazine, 2004)

Britain's Unknown Soldier, Buried In 1920, Westminster Abbey:
They Buried Him Among The Kings Because He Had Done
Good Toward God And Toward His House
(Photo: Blog)

Tomb Of The Unknown, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington
D.C., On The Day After The Unknown Soldier Was Buried In 1921

Ici Repose Un Soldat Francais, Mort Pour La Patrie, 1914-1918
Under The Arch d'Triomphe, Paris, 2008. After Ninety Years, There
Are Always Flowers Here, Left Mostly By Ordinary Citizens.

Germany Has No One, Central Memorial With An Unknown Soldier
From The Great War, But In Cemeteries On The Old Western
Front, There Are Numerous Headstones Like This One

Italy's Monument To Its Unknown Soldier In Rome Was Made
Part Of The Vittorio (Completed 1911), Italy's Memorial
Celebrating The Nation's Unification.

Influenza Warning Notice For Theater Patrons,
Chicago, Illinois; November 11, 1918 (Wikipedia)

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