Friday, January 15, 2010

More Conclusive Proof: United States Government And Its People, Dumber Than Two Bags Of Doorknobs

(L To R) Hypnos; Yarrgh-Thaddag; Yog-Soggoth, and Blinky
Appear Before Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
(Photo: Doug Mills / New York Times Online Version, 1/13/10)

On Wednesday, January 13th, Lloyd C. Blankfein (CEO, Goldman-Sachs-Vampire-Squid), Jamie Dimon (CEO, JPMorgan Chase), John J. Mack (CEO, Morgan Stanley), and Brian T. Moynihan (CEO, Bank of America) appeared before the Congressional Commission of Inquiry into the collapse of America's financial structure.

Reflecting on the volatility that has rocked the markets, [Dimon / JPMorgan] recalled, “My daughter called me from school one day and said, ‘Dad, what’s a financial crisis?’ And... I said, ‘This type of thing happens every five to seven years.’ And she said, ‘Why is everyone so surprised?’ "

I'll bet my entire annual salary that Dimon's daughter wasn't calling from her school at P.S 126 in the South Bronx -- more likely, the Biddle School For The Spawn Of Our Corporate Masters in Connecticut.

Playground, South Bronx, New York City, 2005 (Photo: Unknown)

You have to love his answer, though -- and, her reply. Financial crisis? No one's to blame, sweetheart! Certainly not your Daddy! It's just one of those things, honey. As natural as the tides and rhythms of nature. Now, the driver will pick you up in the Jag and take you and your trophy stepmother to your Daddy's country house for the weekend, where you can ride your pony; won't that be fun?

In other cultures and at other times, this collective wad of genetic trash would be dancing at the end of a rope, kicking at the air with their monogrammed slippers, their heads used as soccer balls and then left stuck up on Traitor's Gate for the crows.

Mr. Blankfein, who in the past has said that Goldman should apologize, on Wednesday only hinted at regret. Goldman “got caught up in and participated and therefore contributed to elements of froth in the market,” he said... "We regret the consequence that people lost money in it.”

Lloyd's Little Home In The Hamptons; Completed In 2007
A Tasteless Combination Of Tara And Early Robber Baron
(Screencapture: Felix Salomon, April, 2007)

Instead, we ask them -- humbly, as befits their station as Masters Of The Universe, BSD's -- to appear at a Dog-And-Pony-Show where a few politicians get to mumble about reinin' in your kind ("something something something regulation something something something gimme a campaign contribution").

[Phillip] Angelides [D-CA, and Commission Chairman], deploring the lack of accountability for the crisis, said: “Maybe this is like the ‘Murder on the Orient Express’: everyone did it.”

They knew full well their appearance on Capitol Hill meant nothing. They knew there would be no surprises in store, because the lines of questioning had already been negotiated between their staffs and those of the politicians' -- something which always happens before any Congressional testimony with men like these.

In Little Lloyd's Emerging New America... Just Don't Fuck Up.

And, they see this kind of performance as just another distraction in their day. Who cares about what happened to a bunch of sniveling wage slaves? We have work to do. Important work. Let's get this over with, so you and the rest of the planet can get back to kissing our collective asses.

And, our President has been making noise about a tax on the institutions these crawling pieces of offal 'manage'. Please; It's an insult to my intelligence. You have to think we're all too stupid to breathe (but, we're lied to us on a regular basis, and everyone appears to accept it without a murmur of protest, so of course they have to think we'll swallow anything).

Politicians, who regularly fluff the Banksters, are going to pass legislation, taxing them? [Insert Bender Laugh Here] Ha ha ha, ha ha ha haaa! Good Luck With That, Meatbags!

So, rather than hold them accountable for their part in creating a shadow financial system which benefited them and destroyed the lives of so many -- instead, they'e venerated like untouchable, Elder Gods -- something out of a you-won't-sleep-after-reading-this H.P Lovecraft story -- when they should be dancing on air.

And -- we allowed it happen, all of it. Dumber than two bags of doorknobs, us.

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