Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barking At The Moon, Again

(Photo: Associated Press)

It strikes me that anything which doesn't bring us closer to answering two basic questions -- (1) Where and how the Universe (and everything in it) came from; and (2) What happens when we die -- is an utter, total and complete waste of time.

We already have a dearth of shiny objects that will hold our attention, and keep us from considering the larger questions of existence and death.

Holding Linsday Lohan's Attention: This, And Pills. And Girls.

It's true -- Lindsay Lohan going back to jail is a just such a sad tragedy; and Meg Whitman's face is threatening to slide down into her neck, leaving her with nothing but Peroxided blonde hair and big teeth (the better to eat everything I want, my dears); and Christie O'Donnell is just so pert 'n sassy and repressed that she wants to share that repression with everyone; and, the Rethuglian leadership rolled out a new Contract On America © which does nothing for anyone but President Boner, Reichminister Barbour and President McConnell, who lovin' what they get from dem billionaires; and, continuing rain on the Himalayan Plains flowing down to already devastated northern Pakistan is an actual tragedy. But, still.

America's Future: Our New Leaders Are Also Being Led

This, said by a dog with a hot-water radiator which can either (1) Be shut off, but the shutoff valve leaks some two four cups an hour and I have to perform a ridiculous exercise in catching, emptying, catching and emptying, all day, meaning I'm tethered to staying inside; or (2) I can leave the radiator's water valve open, and the temperature in my tiny apartment will become ten degrees hotter than the predicted 84 degrees outside, and I'll never get any sleep because apparently the radiator runs at night too.

Obligatory Cute Animal Photo In Middle Of Dog Rant:
Great-Grandfather Willy, Serving In World War Two

And, either (1) That's an ironic comment on our one-foot-in-the-cosmos, one-foot-on-a-dirty-linoleum-floor existence as humans, or (2) A situation that would make anyone contemplate the eternal mysteries.

Gotta go; the radiator's playing Schubert's Symphony Nr. 8 in C-minus For Assorted Pipes and Hammers again.

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