Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lil' Boots: The Rehabilitation Begins

Lil' Boots has resurfaced, having written his Presidential memoirs, and is now engaged in a book-signing tour around this great land of ours. He's so expectant at a nation, ruined by the Liberals, being saved by the arrival of the New Order in Congress.

And there are photos of Bootsie, in wistful light as he stands on a presumably Texas porch, looking wistfully into the distance as he pines for power. Wistfully.

"I miss being pampered," Bush told more than 3,000 people at a sprawling central Florida retirement community on Saturday.

[He said] that he misses the convenience of Air Force One and never waiting in traffic jams. (Associated Press, via Salon)

For someone born in Connecticut into one of America's blueblood, old-money families, educated at Eastern boarding and prep schools; then undergraduate at Yale (uh, as a legacy), and more drunken partying a business graduate degree from That Other College;

For the clueless fool who played guitar and brought John McCain a cake while people drowned in New Orleans; for a clown who started the wrong war and couldn't finish the right one, or tell the difference between the two; who made the Gestapo and the Soviet's legacy of torture into national policy, and surveillance on a scale that would have made Himmler and Beria's mouths water;

For the witless, Fredo-Corleone-Appointed-Leader ("I'm not stupid, like everybody says -- I'm smart!!") who gave the wealthy like himself, and the Banksters, everything they wanted and more without a shred of regulatory oversight;

For the idiot son who dry-humped America nearly to death as it's appointed President, then didn't even have the decency to kiss us afterwards or tell us the old lie ("I'll call ya")...

Misses being pampered? Right in character.

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