Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whatever It Was, It's Just Fun Now

Random Barking

Someone -- an author's character in one of their novels, I think (and probably Robert Anton Wilson's) -- observed that human affairs are either explained as "conspiracy, or fuck-up".

With all that's been going on in This Great Land Of Ours™ for perhaps the past quarter-century, it would seem there's been an all-out attempt by a wealthy core of people to simply grab whatever they can, as much as they can, and right now. As if the top were about to blow off the circus tent at any moment.

The number of fish or bird deaths with no discernible cause does seem to have just increased for no reason. Did you know some two million dead fish had recently washed up on the shores of Chesapeake Bay? Me neither. Oh, and Kieth Olbermann parted ways with a Soon-To-Be-Comcast-Property cable channel.

(Graphic: UK Daily Mail, January 2011 -- Click To Enlarge Fun!)

From a certain point of view, it does feel a little like the orgy at Pompeii the night before All The Fun Started (© Mt. Vesuvius, 79 AD). Depending upon what you believe to be possible, a scenario where Those Who Have are saved, while Those Who Don't Shall Lose (Caution: Don't believe everything you see on the Intertubes).

I'm not suggesting that's plausible, but I've barked about this before: What do they know that we don't? Or, is it just a predictable response to the result of thousands of years of human nature?

Conspiracy? Or Fuck-up? You choose.

Bark Bark. Bark Bark Bark Bark.

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