Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Greek Way

Protestors In Athens Suppressed By Police

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αψίδα άνθρωπος: Do you not understand the time of season, Man with head of breasts? We live like animals! Read this "Tweet" -- we are massing in the central square! Our current situation can mean a Greek Revolution!

ο άνθρωπος με το κεφάλι στο στήθος: That's harsh, dude!

Niki Kitsantonis of the New York Times reports that in Athens, Greece, "Violent clashes between protesters and the police broke out ... as the two main labor unions staged the first general strike of the year against the government’s austerity drive, paralyzing public services and disrupting transportation." The confrontation turned rather ugly.

A Green union official told Kitsantonis that similar strikes "would be repeated until the Greek government reviewed its agreement with its international creditors, who pledged about $150 billion in loans to Greece last May if the country pushed through a raft of austerity measures, trimmed the public sector and changed the pension and tax systems."

It was demanded that Veronica, raven-haired character from the Archie and Jughead comics series, replace the image of the Greek Goddess Athena on official buildings, currency, and in logos on travel brochures.

I always thought that Veronica looked like "Wonder Woman', anyway.

Veronica (©Archie Comics); Wonder Woman (Alex Ross, 2000)

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