Monday, February 21, 2011

Yes We Can Can

From Japan With (Blow Up Girl) Love

$2.80 US Gets You A Short Stack, Butter And Syrup; In A Can

All right; given all the changes occurring in the (non-Western) world, it's time to inaugurate a New Blog Category: Yes We Can In A Can, featuring the stupid and irredeemably bizarre amazing things one can get which come to all of us in This Modern World, in a can.

You've already seen the Sandwich In A Can™, and Sweet Sue's Whole Chicken In A Can™. Now, we bring you Pancake Essence Beverage by the Japan's Dydo Corporation (a division of Nataka Heavy Machine Industries. Okay, we made that part up).

Join His World-Family-Revolution For Cleanliness, Or Die
(Homer Simpson As 'Mister Sparkle', circa 1994)

Apparently, this is a drink which appears to resemble tea with milk, yet tastes like a stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup -- hence the idea of an "essence" drink, providing a simulacrum of one kind of experience in the guise of another.

The Japanese also make amazingly lifelike Love Dolls, too... the majority of which resemble pre-teen girls, a sad commentary on the state of the sexual tastes of at least one sector of Japan's male population.

A 'Candy Girl', With The M-Series Body: $10,000 US, Please

They aren't the sort of inflate-o-doll you can buy in the 'secret section' at Wal-Mart, either: While they rely on the same essential concept, these silicone productions cost between $8,000 and $10,000 US. And, no, I'm not posting any other photos of that. This is a family blog, goddamn it.

When you can get one in a can, I'll consider it; but remember, I'm a Dog. My only interest in one of the Candy Girls would be as a chew toy, aber natürlich. Just Sayin'.

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