Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gary Busey's Awareness


Gary Busey, a household name which encompasses so much of the flavor of this Great Nation™, has decided to endorse a person for President. Video of the event via the ubiquitous UTub was provided by Little Rupert's Newsy-Truthsy organization, aber natürlich (You may see the full-sized video here -- don't worry; it's like being waterboarded, and even that has to end sometime).

My favourite Gary Busey moment is, but naturally, the "So You've Got A Temporary Restraining Order" video-within-the-video segment of The Simpsons.

BUSEY: I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: 'Joe" is me -- and 'Sally' is a composite of twenty-two other women, and a small, independent film company, who couldn't handle me because I'm too real [Insert insane cackling laughter here].
I'm Guessing there wasn't enough pay in doing 'Celebrity Rehab' for ol' Gary, so (in the time-honored tradition of Little Annie Coulter) Herr Busey is performing this stupid pet trick in order to grasp another thirty seconds of attention from the media, who are happy to film any train wreck capable of getting on Entertainment Tonite!.

I'm waiting for the time when, like Mr. Busey, Little Annie -- raddled, pouched and looking every hour of her later years -- goes on teevee to announce she has always been lovin' her that Hitler, in a pathetic attempt to focus attention on herself and make just a little more money; and to convince herself that she has, or ever did have, any relevance whatsoever.

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