Monday, May 2, 2011


Bitch Be Dead

"After The Assault On His Compound, American Forces Removed
bin Laden, Who Was Disposed Of At Sea" (DOD Spokesman)

>> Sixty-Six years ago on Saturday, Ol' Adolf fired the shot heard 'round the world (Eva simply took poison) in the Berlin Führerbunker behind the Reichschancellery.

>> Eight years ago, a manifestly stupid man -- so lacking in intelligence that to this day, he still believes he was a "good" president who did very good things for the nation -- landed on an aircraft carrier with a rolled-up sock jammed in his crotch, then announced that we were all Really Big Winners in Iraq.

And just so all the teevee cameras got it right, draped from the operational bridge of the CV was a banner: "Mission Accomplished".

>> Two days ago, in a details-as-yet-unknown mission, an American military and intelligence team assaulted a compound in Abbottabad (probably near Costellodahar), Pakistan. In the course of the assault, Osama bin Laden was killed, his body removed by the assault team, and apparently dumped at sea in an unknown location.

Compound In Abbottabad (We're Not Making This Name Up)
(Photo: NYT/T.Mughal - European Pressphoto Agency)

So now, bin Laden's dead. Not that I'm unhappy; he was a murderous neurotic of little use to anyone, particularly Arabs and Muslims, no matter what Hamas says.

Osama's Abbottabad Compound (Dept. of Defense Image)

Bin Laden's Compound In Abbottabad As Seen From GoogleEarth

If I were an Arab, even if I believed that American hegemony was despoiling the world and against god (someone's god, anyway), I'd still think that Osama had outlived his usefulness.

I would hope that the way forward in the Arabic and Muslim world will not be decided by Islamic fundamentalists -- if it were to be so, they would be having a much larger effect on the so-called 'Arab Spring', and (insofar as I can tell, and remember, I'm only a Dog) they aren't. And having fundamentalist anybody in control is never a step forward, only backwards.

Many Sources Have Said That bin Laden Was Living Openly
In Pakistan, Protected By Their ISI Intelligence Service

The world is an ocean, and particularly dangerous, blind, murderous forms of predator have always swam in its shadows -- killing, sowing fear; dreaming of power. Osama was just one more of them.

The Islamic world should make the attempt to encompass all points of view and tolerate wide varieties of lifestyles and personal expression, if it wants to participate fully in the 21st century -- and if it wants to promote the true spiritual development of other human beings. As a planetary civilization, we've already had the 12th century. Very few people I know are anxious to go back, and I only have to work with them.

It's my own personal belief that we have two options in the world -- wherever we are, and whatever this place is (no one's come up with a real explanation so far). The first choice is based on the idea that our actions, words, and deeds can add something positive in the world. With each personal contact, every thought, every motivation and choice, we can increase the amount of (and I shudder to use a New Age-sounding comment here) positive energy in the world.

I always remind myself of Camus' remark that, even if the world is a place without a divine presence, predestination or a "plan", we owe it to each other and the generations yet to come to leave the world a better place than we found it. That's all; just 'Do your best', and 'Treat each other kindly', and 'Clean up your room before you leave'. It actually is just that simple.

The second choice is to do the opposite -- things which add nothing but darkness, confusion, fear and pain to the world. To harm others in the name of some higher power or benefit to the community ... which is really just a screen for grasping and holding as much power and material goods for yourself as possible.

I'll let you figure out which path Little Binnie Laden chose to follow. Me, I'd rather try the first as much as I'm able. As I said, I'm not in a celebratory mood -- there are still plenty of predatory fish out there who would like to come after us. And we have our own lessons to learn about Doing Right in the world before we should go around waving the Stars and Stripes.

Even better -- why don't we all just stop attempting to oppress and kill one another in the name of some political or religious 'thing'? Or just to obtain as much money and power as possible?

Well, Auf Nicht Wiedersehen, Binnie, you murderous pile of pig droppings. I won't spend much time rejoicing that you're dead, but you made your fate -- as we all do -- and now your ability to personally dump more darkness into the world is done.

That I'll rejoice over.


  1. Was waiting to see what you had to say about current events. This is not a time to celebrate but rather to reflect.

  2. Well, you'll be interested by what I have to say next, then...


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