Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Paulie's Appalling Plan

Rep. Paul Ryan Practices His "Honest Face"

If He And I Were Ten, I'd Beat Him Up And Take His Lunch.

Paul Ryan, the "author" of a plan to hand Medicare to Goldman Sachs effectively privatize the government's public health system which was beaten to a pulp after his initial release in March, has returned with Part Two, Saving Plan Ryan. It was also noted that Ryan has a forehead hairline low enough to be considered within the Neanderthal range.

There appears no real difference between Ryan Plan One and The New Ryan Plan -- not that we'd be allowed to know; Ryan cannot or will not provide the details of this New Plan.

It isn't clear when all will be revealed, either. But, Ryan did say that anyone who criticizes the unseen Plan is engaging in "class warfare".

It's a bit like saying you have proof that you're Anastasia, but can't really show anyone because it's secret, and those who say your claim is spurious are just Bolshevik meanies who would, you know, shoot you in a basement or something.

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