Thursday, June 30, 2011


The Incredible Shrinking Irrelevant Man

[Beck] also issued a final warning to his enemies: "You will pray for the time when I was only on the air for one hour per day" (TPM)
A nationwide effort was recently announced to reduce the number of infections in the population*; and today, June 30, the final episode of Little Glen Beck, Five Years Old, Versus The World Since The Enlightenment was broadcast. Says Ryan J. Reilly at TPM:
Glenn Beck's final show on Fox News had everything you've come to know and love about his program. The chalkboard. The demagoguing. The Goldline commercials...

"We've done amazing things together, and I thank you for watching," Beck said. "We've made an awful lot of enemies in the program. We've taken on every single person we've been told not to take on."
We've done amazing things... We've made enemies. That cheerfully paranoid characterization of the Little Glenn hemorrhoid horrorshow isn't surprising: Rightist wingnut radio and teevee is all about conspiracies. It's about whom to hate, and how to reclaim the power that has been stolen from you -- mostly, by enriching the host(s), because they labor ceaselessly to bring the truth to the people and are regularly Fluffling precious metals companies Heart them.
Beck ... dismissed claims he was pushed out of the [Fox] network. "I didn't run away from something, I ran to something. I knew exactly where I was supposed to be," Beck said.
His claim to be a vibrant player in America's Nut-O-Sphere (measured in advertising revenue) comes despite the fact that Glenny's audience at Fox had shrunk by over a third in just the past year -- an unavoidable red flag. However, Glenny claims being squeezed out by Little Rupert is really a step forward -- more the freedom to be the Glamorous Glenny he was meant to be, instead of being fired for lost viewership and lost ad revenue and a dwindling relevance to... well, anything.

Think of it this way: Little Rupert Murdoch is an essentially stupid man, who has pumped nothing but sewage into the eyes and ears of people around the world simply to make a profit -- in that, he's no different than a pimp who puts girls on the street he knows are HIV-positive because there's money in it for him.

Knowing that about Little Rupert... what does it say that you, uh, got into bed with him and Roger, His Personal Fat Boy, in the first place? And if a wasteland like Rupert doesn't want you -- well, Glenny, then you must be one, skanky media whore.

And -- perhaps Glenny's exit is also tied to rumors... unseemly rumors, that won't go away? And are they true? I don't know; I'm just asking the question.

So: Gone, at last. As I've said before -- Auf nicht wiedersehen, Glenny, you Nutter. Gratefully, I don't think I'll need to say it again.

(* Noch Einmal, Mit Schlag: Okay -- the reduction I mentioned relates to a national movement to eliminate most post-surgical infections in America's hospitals. Still, what are things like Glenny or Lard Boy, Mikey Wiener, and their wannabe local imitators, if not suppurating infections slowly poisoning our culture?)

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