Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boneryänker's Almanach

Random Barking: Barrel-Bottom, Masochism Sunday

I'm watching 'Inside Washington' on PBS -- which features Charles Krauthammer (who has the same hair colorist as Ronald Reagan, Mommar Ghaddafi Duck and Silvio! Berlusconi). Everyone, including the host, seem so bored and jaded tossing around what passes for news analysis that anyone (including the host) piping up and asking, "When do I get paid for this?" wouldn't be out of character.

Also featured is The Lovely Nina Totenberg, a pundit / commentator for National Public Radio. Incidentally, her name, auf Deutsch, means, "Mountain Of The Dead".

(Well, as loveable Bender would say: Don't blame me; I didn't name her.)

This is what happens when you've been effectively stuck inside your home for a week, doing little more than producing mucus -- you externalize your experience by watching a television analogy to mucus production.

Ooops; gotta go -- now it's The McLaughlin Group.

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