Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Michele Bows Out

Crazy Lady Says Buh-Bye

The national press speaks of GrandTurtlebear Bachmann of the Church Of Crazy Lady™ as if they just aren't sure how someone who scored so well in the Ames straw poll in the spring could have ended their presidential aspirations by Augering In at the Iowa Caucus this week.

Pundits scratch their heads, talk about 'missed opportunities' or hint at misjudgements made by her advisers. But that's not the reason she's out.

The pundits are being very, very polite -- or very, very stupid: It's because she's a Loon. She's an obviously crazy person.

That, even now, anyone ever took her seriously as a candidate for the presidential nomination says a great deal about both the Republican party and the state of politics in America. None of it is good.

Auf Nicht Wiedersehen, Michele, you nutter. Over and Out.

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