Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Dead

And A Nation Mourns

Screenshot From The "Goof Gas Attack" Episode Of
Rocky and His Friends, 1962 (Wikipedia)

However, the nation in mourning is Pottslyvania. Told of Breitbart's death, Fearless Leader said, "Who?"

I won't be making any (other) cheap jokes at Herr Breitbart's expense. I never knew the man -- he was (as Commander Worf pointed out from time to time on STNG) "Not of my home world".

Life isn't only only about showing up; what you do while you're here, and how you affect others, matters. And if you demanded more attention from the world in life than most people -- your actions affect so many more.

Here are Breitbart's Tweets following announcement of Senator Ted Kennedy's death:
26 Aug 09 via web

-- Rest In Chappaquiddick

-- Kennedy is my villain. He took me
from left to right during the [Clarence]
Thomas hearings. Really. Then read Joe
McGuiness book & I wanted to puke.

-- he was a f@#$er. a big ass motherf@#$er.
this aint a 24-hour zone, baby. he was a bad,
bad dude. & if mary jo were your kin youd
be dancin'.

-- This duplicitous bastard spit on GWB's face
when he reached across party lines. T was a
grade school trick. Even til the end, he was a prick.

-- I'll shut my mouth for Carter. That's just
politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human
When another conservative replied, asking him not to treat Kennedy like they believe some on the left treated the passing of Tony Snow and Ronald Reagan, Breitbart responded:
-- @AblativMeatshld How dare you compare Snow
& Reagan to Kennedy! Why do you grant a BULLY
special status upon his death? This isnt lib v con.

-- Look, this man was granted absolution for nothing.
Class, life station played a part but PARTY was every-
thing. GOP couldnt get away with it.

-- In this moment I cant but recognize absolute back-
wardness of media & society. Bush=EVIL. Ted Kennedy=SAINT.
Im gonna keep fighin', folks.
This is an example of one man's actions, and in comparison I don't want to celebrate another person's death by heaping my own vitriol on them. I know about the effect of individual deaths on the people who love them (and yes; even this man had them). That needs to be recognized.

However, the lessening of negativity and the spewing of falsehoods and hatred into our national discourse in the wake of one man's death is not a cause for sorrow. I mourn the man; but I am grateful for waking into a world with that much less unnecessary divisive anger.

I didn't like what Breitbart did, and didn't like his 'contribution' to our culture. But, from wherever he is, now he knows what we do not.
The players you have seen; whether their acts were bad or good; whether they were rouges or heroes; They Are All Equal Now.

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