Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Little Rupert's Faux Daughter Happy

Scotland Yard Gave Rebecca Brooks A Pony

Remember Rebecca Brooks, the nasty, lying, opportunistic sociopath former head of Little Rupert's British organization, who appeared to be hand-picked by The Crafty Ol' Digger himself for greater things? Until she resigned in disgrace, and was immediately arrested on charges arising from what's become the largest case of a single industry corrupting the police agencies of an entire country?

Proving that there's nothing Merry Olde England's Right-wing politicians won't do to get into bed with a Joey Goebbels Wannabe, it appears -- among the many perks 'n treats provided to Little Rupert's News Corp -- that Scotland Yard, that venerable Olde English institution, provided Lil' Becka with her own police horse.
A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police pointed out that it is routine for retired Mounted Branch horses to be lent out to members of the public at the end of their working lives, but the arrangement is likely to raise fresh questions about the Met's relationship with Mrs Brooks.

The news comes a day after the Leveson Inquiry was told that Mrs Brooks was briefed by a senior Met officer on the progress of the original phone-hacking inquiry and even consulted on how far she thought the investigation should go.
Little Rupert's comment, true 'fuck'em' Aussie fashion, was to observe that Lil' Becka "saved" the horse from the "glue factory".

As the writer Antole France once observed with irony: The law, in all its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges."

So we should simply pass laws which allow people like 'Becka, Little Rupert and his Issue, Jimmy The Fish, to do whatever they want without fear of prosecution. They can bribe cops, tap phones, steal, and whatever else comes into their little minds. Absolutely anything.

Why not? They're going to do it anyway. We may as well acknowledge what we can see with our own lying eyes, and as reported in the few journalistic organs Rupert doesn't own; and just get it over with.

And Little Rupert's "news" organs can trumpet the good news: The Rich win. Yay !

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