Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kein Schwein Ruft Mich An

Mitzy Loves Everyone He Despises

Tens of Millions more dollars in Addled Sheldon or Koch Brothers money have been spent on producing a new series of television ads, featuring Mitzy, looking directly at the camera and saying that everywhere he looks there are people out of work and that America is in a mess buh buh buh buh and that we can't afford blah blah blah and that he will sing us a song Ooodle Ooodle Ooodle and that he cares and loves us so much and that we should all go to sleep now.

Plus, this UTub goes on for twelve hours and forty minutes. So I guess this is kind of an Endurance Video. Or, possibly Republicans are meant to, um, do something while watching.  Close your eyes and think of Drudge, perhaps. Or clean your constitutionally-mandated personal weapon(s).

What these tiny masterpieces of disingenuousness don't say is that the political party he represents, and the class of wealth which he represents, are in large part responsible for so many Americans being out of work -- as Mitzy reminds us, over and over, that he is filled with compassion for all things that live. He's full of something; you can be absolutely certain.

Do these assclowns actually believe that if independent voters are subjected to a blizzard of I AM THE COMPASSIONATE HUMAN ONE commercials, that they're going to believe it? That it will influence their vote? That they'll ignore the slathering, yapping insistence of Little Paulie Ryan, four years old, who wants America to feel the pain? Do they believe that?

Yes, they do.  And in that, they hold all Americans, every single one of us, in contempt.

  I'm Mongo, and I approved this message. Woof.


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