Wednesday, October 3, 2012



The Village punditry will make much of tonight's debate -- that's really the only opinion that matters, you know, that of our Fine Villagers.

Down here where Dogs live, I wasn't happy with what I saw. Obama was the law professor -- up in his head, trying to explain the interconnected complexities of health and social safety net programs, and not very connected to his heart or any fire in his belly. He seemed distracted, uncertain. Not at the top of his game.

By comparison, Romney tried to blind Obama with science and numbers (and, us, too) but didn't make much sense.  He didn't have to. All he had to do was keep talking and not say something so sound-bite stupid that it would become the moment replayed over and over in the media (there was no such moment on either side, really).

All Romney had to do was obtain a draw was stand his ground and spew the same empty platitudes, bereft of detail, for an hour -- and the Village pundits will crow about how he had found his second wind and how "fresh life" is breathed into his campaign -- how the race is now "so much closer".

Rightist pundits will spin Mitzy's draw into a win (can't wait to hear Lard Boy and Bill-O chitter about it). The Democratic campaign spokespersons will talk about how the President pointed out that Mitzy continues to make promises spun out of sugar: No details about how he will do... well, anything.

All in all, I was disappointed, as I often have been with Obama -- I've wanted a Democratic President who was a fusion between FDR and Schwarzenegger's character in Raw Deal, and I know, painfully, that this is both ludicrous and impossible; still, I look for a champion who will say the things that -- as Clinton did in his speech at the Democratic convention -- need to be said out loud: The Truth. 

In the second Presidential debate, if Obama doesn't do better, the election could end up being much closer than we believe.



(Cartoon: © Mr Fish)

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