Saturday, October 27, 2012

What Do We Want?

-- Sanity And Reality. When Do We Want It? Really Soon. 
We need to build a different model of politics, one in which people who want a different society are willing to actually bargain and back up their threats, rather than just aesthetically argue for shifts around the margin. The good news is that the changes we need to make are entirely doable. It will cost about $100 trillion over 20 years to move our world to an entirely sustainable energy system, and the net worth of the global top 1 percent is $103 trillion. We can do this. And the moments to let us make the changes we need are coming. There is endless good we can do, if enough of us are willing to show the courage that exists within every human being instead of the malevolence and desire for conformity that also exists within every heart.

Systems that can’t go on, don’t. The political elites, as much as they kick the can down the road, know this. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we?

Not trying to harsh anyone's buzz; only passing the idea along that this is one more election with (in part) a goal to maintain a status quo benefiting Elites. Their agenda is not in the interests of the world as a whole, or even specific national groups. It's about keeping the gravy train going, and the warm feeling that, ultimately, they Rule. Period.

That said, I will pad into a voting booth on November 6th and cast my vote for Obama, because I do not want the LardBoy-AnnieCoulter-Racist-Facisti Party to rule us for four seconds, let alone four or more years. We had Lil' Boots -- didn't that tell us anything?

But, Matt Stoller's case poses a question we have to answer: Do we want a future of Business As Usual? I suggest that not only is it a first-order priority for Americans to answer it, but that it may be easier to do so with A Democrat in the White House.

But, I could be wrong. Perhaps things will have to become manifestly worse before, finally, people say No.

Stoller's full article is here.

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