Friday, January 4, 2013

Grifter, Plus-Sized

Kudos To The Human Eclair

Hey; here's a happy, "human interest" story (depending upon whether you consider the person involved as being part of the same species of the rest of us).

 Despite the fact that he long ago gave up hope of ever looking down from a standing position and seeing his toes again, Karl Rove recently achieved one of what, in my simple Dog's way, I'd bet is a cherished, life-long goal: To weigh more than Hermann Goering.

Karl isn't very good at 'doing the math', helped bring the most toxic American Presidency in modern times into being, and can't rap-and-dance. Two things he apparently does superbly are talking hundreds of very very wealthy Rethug political campaign donors into giving up their money (as he did during 2012), and eating. 

US News and World Report online's 'Washington Whispers' section for Thursday, November 8, 2012 -- two days after the election -- ran a post entitled, "Why We May Never Know How Much Money Karl Rove Made Running Crossroads".  Karl apparently scans the Intertubes for news about himself, because that same day US N&WR reposted the article with a lengthy correction -- the apologetic kind that gives the impression that someone, uh, threw their weight around.

Of the approximately $1 Billion raised by the Republican party and/or the political Right in 2012, the amount raised by the American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS PACs was approximately $ 300 Million by Rove's own admission ["Rove tells us that the amount he actually raised was less than one third of [$1 Billion]"].

Also according to US N&WR , 80% of all Right-wing PAC donations for the 2012 election cycle came from a pool of only 196 billionaire donors. On the basis of statistics, it would seem fair to assume this same crowd provided a hefty amount, if not the bulk of Crossroads' $ 300 Million.

Just one Dog's opinion -- but I'd say it's more than a possibility that some of these donors are unhappy with Karl over the poor results obtained after raising so much money, and that they might question the legitimacy of whatever was paid to Karl in compensation for his masterminding, "I have the math", fundraising efforts.

To be fair, the Democratic party and / or political Left raised a roughly equal amount in 2012.  Altogether, this last election cycle cost over Two Billion dollars -- and the question we should be asking is whether this is acceptable and appropriate.  Or is it an expression of contempt for voters? That an election isn't an honest debate over America's national priorities, but another commodity to be sold to a bunch of rubes?

 Thomas Nast, Who Took The People's Money? " 'Twas Him!" [1874] (Wikipedia)

Rove isn't the problem, but he perpetuates it. He dug in his hooves and fought his way to the trough, likes it there, and will fight to make sure the system which made his fortune remains undiminished.

But, whatever the case -- Boy Howdy: Karl was so good at talking the gold out of people's purses that I'd bet we will shortly see him able to sport a third chin, just like Hermann's. 

We here at Before Nine like to notice these things. Now, we cheer on Der Dicke Karl as he attempts what we assume is his next level of Personal Best -- to weigh more than Marlon Brando.


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