Friday, March 1, 2013

Repeint Heaven: Debt Ceiling Russian Roulette

(June Of 2011: The Rethugs hold us hostage, again, to their hairy-chested, tiny-penis vision of the world, where the wealthy are given treats and everyone else will receive the fabled Pie In The Sky, after we are dead.)

(Make Social Security into a New Casino! Make the HCA into a Giant Privatization of Medicare! Austerity for everyone! but especially the poor.)


Fear Hunter

Something about the game of 'Debt Chicken' being played out between the Rethugs, and the Democrats (Aber Ganz Ohne Rücken), reminded me of Michael Cimino's 1978 film The Deer Hunter -- which included a long sequence where Robert DiNiro and Christopher Walken, taken captive by the VC/NVA, are forced to play Russian roulette (see the whole clip here at UTub).

The idea of someone being forced to play a game that involves putting a gun to the country's head, just for hysterically stupid political posturing, was an image I couldn't get rid of...

Mehr: This post is based on one, small part of an earlier creation by Max Udargo, which you should definitely see here. Max is the creator of Burton & Jefferson, and Peterbuilt Nixon, and is a much funnier dog than I am.

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