Friday, March 8, 2013

This is Your Universe, Too

Just Look At It.

© David Morrow: Milky Way Galaxy From Mt. Rainer, 2012; a submission to the
Smithsonian magazine's 10th annual photo contest ( --
click on image to see a larger version - easy and fun!)
This is where we live -- in the Milky Way Galaxy, as seen from near Mt. Rainer in Washington State, United States of America.

This is where we live -- not as Muscovites, or Berliners or San Franciscans, Beijingians or Mumbaians, Sydneyites or Brazilianzers. Not as members of a political party, or Volvo owners, or speakers of any specific language. Not as graduates of name-brand universities versus carrying a GED certificate.  Not as members of any specific racial or cultural group; not as Americans or EU citizens, Chinese or Urdu, Spanish or Quebecois; Gay or Straight, Vegan or Carnivore. We live in a larger room than that.

I'm the last Dog who needs to be reminded of the immense problems we face as individuals, as a species; and most of them self-created.

I believe that with a different perspective on who and what, and where, we are -- something fundamental could begin to change for us. That continues to be my hope.

But, I'm only a Dog, and no one listens to me. I can still look up, though, and see.


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