Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Because (For Now) Freedom

Early Days

Senator Bernie Sanders

The New Hampshire primary has been won by Senator Bernie Sanders (it's reported to be a 60-38 split), and Trumpolina (35%).  Sanders appears to have taken the state in a near-landslide, across a wide spectrum of voter demographic groups. He was expected to do well in New England, but exceeded the estimates.

In second place to Trumpolina is Dennis Kasich (15.8%) -- someone whose previous numbers have been almost nonexistent. The Senator from The Church Of I Kill You! (11.7%) is third.  Jebby The Inevitable !  and Lil' Markie, The Great White Whale and Ragin' Carly are far behind -- in fact, Gov. Christie and Fiorina's offices have made rumbling noises of "suspending" their campaigns.  The pundits are saying well; South Carolina's primary, next in the lineup, will be where Trumpolina must dance "The Dying Swan" -- because he can't create the kind of broad constituency necessary to win the nomination.  He's a sideshow. Could never win.

And they're saying well, Bernie is, you know -- old -- and he's promising everyone free health care and education, and who takes any of that seriously? ha ha ha. And like Trumpolina, can't overcome the reality of The Good Ol' Boyz with Money who run The Politiki.  Bernie and Donnyboy will Auger In soon, they say.

However, the same pundits have said just that about Trump through last year -- and still, swathed in Ivana's old TuTu, considerably altered, It Dances On -- to the tune of Randy Newman's Davy The Fat Boy (I bet we can / persuade him to do / the famous / Fat Boy Dance for you / give him half a chance /I jus' know you'll like my Fat Boy's dance).

His Dream Come True

But of course, the story the media is chittering over is how much better than expected Bernie Sanders has trounced  Hillary The Inevitable !  Still, the Punditi are saying SHE IS THE ANOINTED ONE, and Bernie is just a sideshow who will be worn down and outspent in the long run; why does he even bother? they mumble. All he'll do is "make it difficult" for Clinton to claim the Tub Of Slaw, and prove that Business As Usual can too also be confused with actual continuity and progress. He's divisive! And delusional. And Old!

You're Scaring Me, Ren:  Hillary Gives It Her Best Stimpy-Face

But as I've said, a vote for what appears to be the 'extreme' candidates for the Presidential nomination in both parties is an indicator of something more serious:  people simply don't accept Business As Usual, or politics as usual, any longer.  The details on Left and Right differ (and are important) -- but both sides feel used, ignored, and kicked to the curb by special interests. Wonder why that would be.

The fact that Hillary and Jebby The Inevitables ! pretend this isn't happening is an indicator of how desperately the Good Old Boyz in both major parties want to maintain control. The Punditi will paint Sanders and Trumpola as mean statistical deviations, not even worth mentioning (except to say their campaigns will crash and burn 'any minute now').  We'll see.


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