Friday, February 12, 2016

Cheer Up

All For You

Yeah; you know who you are.

This classic image is used in Wallgreens pharmacies across America 
to advertise photo departments.

Gosh this puppy sure is cute. And now, if you'll excuse me -- as you can imagine, it's my mandatory period to watch cellphone videos of people being barrel-bombed in Syria.

(PS: Before this turns into one of those Blog Things, I should make clear this is not aimed at frequent commenter, Mistah Charlie, Phd, who had asked, nicely, for precisely this.  Miriam, honey -- you enjoy.)

Can you hear me?
Hope you can
Listen here closely
You'll understand
Make way for the killer race
They use the Bible
Millimeter by millimeter
Millimeter by millimeter

Six times hot as the sun
Didn't mean to hurt anyone
Didn't mean to hurt anyone

Sorry, sorry, yeah
Don't try to force them
To help them
Do what they do
What they do

 "Human Being Lawn Mower"
MC5, Back In The USA (1970)


  1. that puppy IS cute

    that puppy is CUTE

    that PUPPY is cute

    THAT puppy is cute

  2. Yes. It looks down upon you, as you stand in the photo shop line, like an image of god. Or, Kim Jung Fatboy. All power to Dog / Leader !


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