Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Down Here Everything Floats

River City's Gonna Get Its Boy's Band.  All It Takes Is The Think Method. 
(Original Photo: Reuters)

MVOHC:  You're a hater. You're just angry all the time; I ignore most of what you come out with, anyway. You always hated her, and by extension you're crapping all over the people who support her.
DOG: I believe we can begin to do better than elect another Chief Oligarch Fluffer.
MVOHC: Hillary stands up for minorities, women, LGTBQ persons and immigrants. If you don't support Hillary, this is who you're gonna hurt in November when you vote for Donald Duck or whoever you'll write in as a protest vote.
DOG: You really don't understand what's going on here, do you?
MVOHC: Oh, I do. You're just a hater. Who's to say if it's good or bad?
DOG:  I will. And it's the same misdirection that's been used for generations in America. When Ken Burns makes his documentary on Clintonia II: The Revenge, it will focus on hard-fought struggles for various personal rights in America by our First Woman President -- and people will Oooh! and Aaah! at that important, groundbreaking, historic work, and her uncompromising toughness in sending the military to Do Something (She will; trust me).  What Ken's documentary won't discuss is that Her agenda with Congress will be The Same As It Ever Was: Misdirection, and Fuck The Peasants. It won't detail how the wealthy will be enriched even further; how the rights of individuals versus those of corporations will be diminished, and the power of globalist corporate business will continue to be elevated to new heights... because she is just another Business As Usual politician.
MVOHC:  Can't you just take a longer view and rise above that?
DOG: No, because it's always been true about politics. Hillary will do a full court press to ensure that (for example) all public restrooms can be used by Transgender persons -- and that is an important step towards developing a compassionate social tolerance and establishing legal protections. But, put it in context: At the same time, She will make sure the Pacific and European trade agreements are pushed through Congress. She will make certain that global corporations and major financial houses will have more power than even the IMF, World Bank or the WTO currently affords them and by extension, the people who own them. She'll be making sure it's one more step towards a world run by and on behalf of global Oligarchs. It's fucking Rollerball. Somehow I don't see Senator Sanders as doing something like that.
MVOHC:  Do you hear yourself? Fuck you. You're so negative.
DOG: Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, buddih. Oh, and I'll write in Thorsten Veblen, but never mind.

MEHR, MIT NACHRICHTEN:  In response to your question; no -- the object behind which the Hillary is levitating is not a camouflaged Dalek.  But what if it were?


  1. the first person account summarized in this daily mail story - and summarized even more in the story's url - seems very plausible to me

    of course, i'm a hater, and haters gonna hate - even if we like songs about love

    my sightless eyes
    my tongue of stone
    my soul is free above
    the one redeeming word i've found
    is love

    "it's love", earth opera (peter rowan)



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