Monday, June 20, 2016

This Is Your Illusion Of Freedom Monday

Punch 'n Judy

Predictions aren't usually accurate; we're not all Warren Wagar. That said, I'm going to make some unsubstantiated remarks based on nothing more than what a Dog's nose can sense about the future.

Ahem. Trump will not win the General Election in November.  Sorry, peeps; but does anyone expect that? Does even the Duke Of New York himself expect to win? C'mon. Really? Really?

Daily, conservatives spin between an outright condemnation of El Donaldo, and damning him with faint praise. Most recently, Little Pauly Ryan advised Repubs to "follow their conscience" regarding support for the Tubby One with the Big Tie. But the Good Ol' Boys who run the Republican party are collectively washing their hands of him, in public.

So, the Republican convention will become Surrealist Theatre for the die-hard "twenty-four per centers", red meat to the far right. There will be manufactured enthusiasm, a possible floor fight, and booing of the candidate -- a public shaming, which will allow Trump to spout and preen from the podium during his acceptance speech.

The teevee will show the faces of his supporters in the audience (rapt with, uh, something), and by comparison, the stony, wizened countenances of President Yertle The Turtle and President Ryan and President Sessions as they listen, unmoving, hands folded tightly against their private parts. When Trumpo is done, no one but his family will join him on the platform when the balloons drop -- unless they were paid to appear with Trump meats and wines and other fine Trump products.

And likewise, the Democratic convention will be grand theatre, a Kumby - ah ha moment for Her New America (She cannot tell you what that New America is, except it's everything that Trump is not). There will be something for everybody at this glorious time, Her time -- Crazy Old Man Bernie will be allowed a brief speech before being ignored forever -- and that historic moment, when The Inevitable rises, to thunderous applause which goes on and on and on, to accept the mantle of Goodness and Tough-Mindedness and Necessary Sacrifice. And She will then make The Speech.

We will see teevee moments of faces of The Faithful, upturned and expectant, as She speaks The Words. And introduces RunningMate Elizabeth (whose political integrity in my eyes will plummet immediately), again to titanic ovation, stupefying in its power, which goes on and on and on. All of it on the Teevee (as Stimpy would say) for youuuuuu. Such a spectacle.

Oh, but that will be nothing compared to the election itself -- even though as a practical matter, it will be an utter waste of time. It's a manufactured moment of public hysteria for the Proles, a cliffhanger without a real cliff; only a paper-mache model on a Hollywood backlot. A majority of Americans, Right or Left or Center, are not aligned with Trump; his own public comments and his conduct in debate with She will ensure that at the polls in November, Donald will lose.

Oh, the media will drag things out -- with plenty of commercials. They'll tell us things are "close", neck and neck; oh, how will American democracy survive? Oh No! Can She maintain that lead in Delaware? What about dentists in Milwaukee, who are wavering!?! But in the end there will be Triumph, and Yet Another Historic Speech. We will tire of hearing the word "historic".

So, let's just say it:  Trump can never win. Hillary The Inevitable is destined to become the elected Emptysuit leader of America. Why bother with an election? She has a country an Empire to run.  Let She be She; and in her train, the Billy-o.

In January, Herr Obama will wave Goo-bye and take that Fabled second-term trip away on Marine Won.  The Clintons will slide back into the White House -- as if the intervening years, with our nation and the world soiled by nearly a decade of "Lil' Boots" Bush and President Cheney, and befuddled by another near-decade of Herr Obama, were all just a Bad Dream.

One other quick observation: sorry, folks, but there will not be a right-wing takeover of the government. The arrival of Trump as the Right's front-runner is a sign of bankrupt conservative politics is in America, not a resurgence of power. Things aren't bad enough, yet, for a President Rexall.

America will likely continue deteriorating into a more polarized society, divided and defined by wealth (there's a reason Game 'O Thrones and so much dystopian fiction, film, and musical themes are so popular). You might have to worry more, when that happens -- but that's for later.

In the meantime / in between times -- so long as we can make our truck and house payments and get us some o' that 400-channel digital teevee and run up some credit cards... who the fuck really cares?  Ya gotta go for the gold. We ain't gonna live forever.  S'all good.  USA !  USA !  Yay!


DOG: Yes?
MVOHC:  You're still a hater, man.
DOG: Look, all I said was that Hillary is inevitably going to become the President. It's in the bag; the election is hers to lose. And you're taking issue with that?
MVOHC:  You have to get behind this.
DOG:  Hold it -- you're saying it isn't enough to already declare her the winner? That I have to show up and keep applauding, too? 
MVHOC:  Like you said, it's inevitable.
DOG: (Affectless Stare)
MVOHC:  What, it's going to kill you to support her? She's the only viable candidate. You're going to refuse to support her for the whole 8 years she's in office?
DOG: (Affectless Stare More) 
MVHOC: Fuck you.

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