Saturday, September 18, 2010

Plus One Point Five Meters

Being a Dog, I'm fairly curious about things. So, with the help of Google Earth, Photoshop™, and a topographical map courtesy of the United States Geologic Survey, I produced a satellite image of San Francisco -- showing what it might look like if sea levels rose just three and a half feet (one point five meters).

(Click On Image For Enormous View Of The Future, © Google Earth)

For those of you living in The City, you can see relatively clearly what the effects would be: Ocean Beach disappears, and most of The Great Highway -- and (moving east around the peninsula) so does Baker Beach, Chrissy Field, Fisherman's Wharf and portions of North Beach. The Bay laps over the Embarcadero, pours out in China Basin and 3Com Park, and floods most of what had been the Naval Shipyards in Hunter's Point.

Looking at this pastiche of aerial photos, it may appear that the bulk of the city is untouched. That's true. But the encroachment of the Pacific on major traffic arteries, recreational areas, and the fact that the shoreline just moved adjacent to office buildings and homes is pretty clear.

But, hey; I live on Nob Hill, so I don't care. Can't wait.

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