Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seeing A Pattern Here, Mebbe?

This Murdoch Guy

История Ниццы старик и его маленьким мальчиком. Если вы считаете, Там ли мост через Неву, я могу продать вам, очень дешево.

By I.Rabschinsky

Old Guy, And Nize Little Boy Helps His Papa (Foto: The England TV)

So everybody is looking when this Guy, Rupert Murdoch Guy, shows up on television from the British Place (His little boy comes with him also, so that old man will not feel lonely; Good Boy, Nice Boy, maybe). Big, big story of the Oligarch Media Guy whose newspapers paid all kinds money to the Polizia and political guys and listened to the voicemail of everyone in the England.

Okay this is joking I make with you, but is not so far from the Truth.

So Old Rupert (who is younger than my Great-Uncle Yehudi but makes less sense), and his Little Boy, talk to people in Sports Commission of the British government. This was interesting, because I did not know that in the England, television and radio and the orchestral konzert and theatre and puppet show on street and Intersnet are sports. It would be nice to see which are winning and losing.

(Actually, these days is not so difficult to tell -- if News Corporation or News International are owning parts of media, they are losing. This is guarantee.)

Where Big Sewage Come From: The News Corp Headquarters

Old Guy and Little Boy tell Sports Commission they are like madonna saint kind of Guys: We don't know things, never saw things, didn't do things and nobody speaks to us even though we own and run everything. Like, the most incompetent guys from the history of all places and people. Then, some guy tries to assassinate Old Rupert with pie tin of shaving cream and Chinese Wife in pink jacket attacks Guy With Pie. Oy -- but, good theatre.

(Later, I tell this to Uncle Yehudi, who asks if Guy With Pie succeeded in assassination. I tell him, no! Is just shaving cream; how will he be killing That Guy? "We killed fascists in the Great Patriotic War with wood shavings and a bedroom slipper," says Yehudi. "Howitzers, also.")

They run almost all media on planet that does not belong to that Putz Berlusconi; but, they don't know things? Right; sure. They are so innocent that religion should spring up from them, like new airport, or bird feeder or yoghurt stand.

Great-Uncle Yehudi watched Old Rupert and Little Boy for three minutes. Then he stood up from his reclining chair, and changed channel to "The Mister Ed". What is you are doing? I'm asking -- this is like the history, and we get to see. Yehudi said to me, "You are my favorite great-nephew; but, look: The Mister Ed is funny. Oligarchs are not funny guys. When News Corp is run by talking animals, I will watch."

Only 26 Episodes: Great-Uncle Yehudi Knows Them All. By Heart.

So now that the Sports Commission Guys have heard from Old Rupert and the Nice Little Boy, stories start to show up. That maybe Son of Old Rupert is not the nize little boy, goot boy, like he says. That maybe he did know things; bad things. But that is not all. Not the Big Story, I am thinking.

Look: American FBI Guys are investigating now old lawsuit by business against Old Rupert -- a business, kind of small competitor guys, said they could prove that News Corp guys hacked into their computers like 11 times, and stole things.

And the minute they say this, Old Rupert is like, "Well, we will pay to settle this case with you" -- Like, $29 Million Dollars the US; plenty lots, you bet. That stops the whole thing from growing to be animal which can bite Rupert's personal ass. Plus, later, Rupert buys the little company ("There! Now I am showing you who is Big Guy!").

Uncle Yehudi makes drool on his sweater when he takes the Nap in his reclining chair, but he is That Guy, so I am listening: "People are like the chicken," he says. "If they learn that they get the food from humans by doing things, then they will keep doing those things, all the time, everywhere -- do this trick, get this food. You think Old Man and the Little Boy are different from chicken? Go away; it is time for Leaving It To The Beaver House."

Beaver: Very Good For You, Very Nice For You (Foto: Komradnik)

But my Great-Uncle, as usual, is making his point. It looks like there are lots of lawsuits out there, which Old Rupert paid altogether big money to settle. Because all his life, Little Rupert has not been The Good Guy, Nice Guy -- this is somebody wants to be like Joey Goebbels, Fascist Guy. And maybe, there are lots of stories in these lawsuits of breaking into computers or email or voicemail and stealing the things. And maybe there is pattern here to see.

Kind of like what happened in the England -- bad television, bad politik; bad police, and lots of money. The tricks of the chicken to get what it wants are always the same, no matter which farmyard it goes in. Britain, America, Australia; Old Rupert ran his businesses the same. He ain't being A Nice Guy. So; if this is Truth, then I am believing Old Rupert's business (which sells vomit from donkeys) is like a boat with bottom made out of newspaper (Hey; this is my joke. You like; you don't like; I don't care).

Once people are knowing hey, this how Old Rupert got to be so rich, because he is just Criminal Guy, and News Corp thinks they are like KGB which owns television, then his business will be be worth Kopecks, and his Chinese wife will say, "No bouncy-bouncy for you, Aussie Boy", and nobody will talk to him at the supermarket because he is That Guy.

Little Rupert Chicken Soup: Good For You, Nice For You

My Great-Uncle Yehudi is Smart Guy, even if he likes you to hit him with telephone directory until he falls down. And chickens may do tricks, and look like clever -- but they are still stupid birds. And when stupid birds pay so much attention to their own tricks and how pretty their feathers look, they don't see that the Fleischer has come to remove their heads and hang them up by their feet.

I, Rabschinsky, say this -- to Moldavish Guy; you also.

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